Art Statement 2017

The paintings I have recently put together, are based on the question ‘We must ask ourselves…”

Living in an accelerated and pressurized world, the simple act of quiet repose returns one to a surprised clarity.   However, this natural state seems too far fetched and invisible to the distracted, anxious, hiding person.    Resistance to the heart is more the norm for this world and this hidden psychology of opposition is a main interest and focus for my work .   ‘Innocence is strength’ and an ‘open heart’ is the door my paintings consider for an alternative thought process .   So to remember to ask ourselves, as often as we can, if there could be any other way to see things…is our only responsibility to some relief and happiness.


Wendy S. Rolfe creates with a unique visual vocabulary and creative juxtapositions. Her oil paintings are influenced by her early studies in Philosophy, Psychology and Religion…particularly the Desert Fathers of the third century wisdom tradition with a small emphasis on Platonism and Freud.  Rolfe also was effected by her early travels throughout Europe, Mexico and Central America . She writes, “ Latin culture, specifically the Christian elements in combination with psychology play a significant role in my work.’’   Rolfe is passionate about concepts that challenge the imagination and the potential of the (subconscious) Mind in dreams for hidden truths.   Often this understanding requires a leap of faith, visually and spiritually.

Rolfe develops prolific and personal symbols within her painting (language) which, she insists, must be processed through each viewer’s own life experiences and attitudes.  Rolfe studied at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco , Parsons School of Design in New York and Le Atelier D’ Etampe in Paris.  She executed many commissioned pieces for Corporations in the 90’s, particularly in New York City, Southern California and the Southwest. Wendy has been featured in many solo exhibitions throughout the Midwest, New York City and Southern California.  Her work has won numerous first place awards and is in the collections of the Bank of Scotland, Merrill Lynch, American Stock Exchange, Dean Witter Reynolds, C.S. Heinze Foundation, Farm Bureau Financial Services as well as the Museum collection of Iowa State University.

Of recent, Rolfe has not painted in three years but instead heighten her 14 year commitment as a board member to the nonprofit company ‘Voices Production’ .   Heading up PR graphics and as well as running the highly popular Voices Art Slam to college art students and working closely with professional Exhibiting artists .  At present, Voices Productions is funding and art directing a three year Mural project bringing to Dubuque walls national and international prime, professional Mural paintings.  Lastly, Rolfe has also during the time away from her studio, return to school to study Graphic Computer Software Design…all of which has refreshed and empowered her current return to painting.


The panels are individually designed with handcrafted curved surfaces. Mostly made of pine wood. Such a form allows for a three dimensional affect and a ready made frame that easily hangs.  The curvature also gives the painting a pronounced feeling of intimacy, and in some cases, a sacred significance and feeling.

© Copyright - Wendy S Rolfe Art